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Well Water

Well Water Repair Services

Anything that puts a strain on your well pump may cause it to fail prematurely. Here are some of the situations that can lead to a malfunctioning well pump. How do we determine if we need a new well pump? Our water pressure was decreasing over several months. Then, the other night, we came home to no running water at all. The pump's circuit breaker seems ok. The first thing to do when you have no water is to shut off electrical power to the pump and to your water heater. That will prevent possible additional damage. Then, it's time to discover the source of the problem. Your best bet is to contact a reputable, experienced well contractor. Your well pump may be the most likely suspect, but there could be other reasons for your dry spell. The tank is a closed container for the pump to fill with water. As water fills the tank, the air within becomes compressed, usually through an air-filled vinyl bladder, until pressure is high enough to trip the pressure switch. When someone opens a faucet, air pressure in the tank will squeeze the bladder and force water out. When enough water is used to lower the pressure, the switch turns the pump back on and the cycle repeats. If the tank loses its pressure (its "pre-charge," which comes with the tank from the factory), the pump must work overtime to keep the tank full.


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Well Water Repair Services